An Escort On Her First Day

There was a beautiful girl named Amber. When she was in college, she heard about escort and as naïve as she was, she had no idea about how it was. However, her bills soon overtook her, and she had to look for a part-time job. After searching for a job for a long time without success, she turned to her friends who seemed independent and doing well for themselves. They told her that she should try working for the escort service they worked for, and that’s when she realized what they did for work. She was reluctant as first, but she soon made up her mind to join the club.

She knew that the work wouldn’t be a walk in the park, but she was determined. During her first day, a handsome middle-aged man decided to hire an escort for the night, and she was his pick. He took her to a beautiful room in a high-class hotel. She felt uneasy at first as she didn’t know what to say or how to start. She sat on the bed and started fidgeting. Her client sat on the bed next to her, patiently waiting for her next move. But she felt shy and a bit scared. When the client looked at her he realized that she was extremely nervous. When he asked her what she was thinking, she tried to explain that she was new not only to the escort business, but to sex in general. But she couldn’t seem to find her words.

He took a deep breath and asked her whether she had ever done anything like this before. The first time escort was frank and said it was in fact her first time, not only as an escort but also for sex outside of a romantic relationship. So he led her towards the bed and began helping her undress. Having extensive sexual experience himself, he introduced her to all kinds of new things that she could use to improve her current career path as an escort. And she was definitely a very fast learner. She was amazed at his patience with her and all the sexual knowledge, and he was glad to help her learn. It took almost two hours for them to climax, but it was such a good experience that the escort had a good time, most especially because the client was friendly and understanding. And he was extremely pleased with her, vowing to continue to call on her when he needed escort services.

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